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For more than 130 years, The Army and Navy Club on Farragut Square has been committed to its mission of providing social, cultural and life enrichment to its members. The Club is a members only, Five Star Platinum Club in the heart of the nation's capital and has served as a timeless home away from home for members and their families. The membership roll includes some of the top Admirals and Generals, members of Congress and public servants. The Club includes elegant facilities, fine dining, a renowned bar and lounge, hotel rooms, and a vast array of social and networking events.


Since being founded by seven Army, Navy and Marine Corps veterans of the Mexican and Civil wars in December 1885, the Club has served as a venue for our military officers, and other who have served our country, to share stories, ideas and experiences with each other. It is this bond that makes The Army and Navy Club membership so unique, and an organization you can be proud to be a part of.


Being a member of The Army and Navy Club means being a part of an esteemed group of military, government and private sector professionals.

The Club gives members a number of opportunities to connect through networking events, lunch and learn programming, book forums with world renowned authors, art events and so much more.



Since our formation as a Club in 1885, The Army and Navy Club has been a home away from home for our country's military officers. We are known for, and take pride in, our superior facilities, emphasis on fine food and wines, extraordinary Library, special events designed to benefit our members, the warmth and dedication of our staff, and the special camaraderie enjoyed by our members and guests. We also take particular pride in having been chosen as a Five Star Platinum Club. This singles us out as one of the Top 50 City Clubs in the United States.
For well over thirteen decades The Army and Navy Club has played an important role in the life of our Republic. We endeavor to collect, restore, document and display military themed artworks and books to enrich the understanding of our role in our country's history. We do this through our very active Library Trust Fund, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) entity that raises the funds necessary to improve our book and fine art collection and sponsor related events. We also have an active research program piloted by the Club Historian.
We are located on Farragut Square in the heart of Washington's business district, just two blocks from the White House and a few steps from two Metro stations. We offer 32 hotel rooms, an awe inspiring collection of original military art, a fabled military Library, Main Dining Room, Grill, Ballroom, Daiquiri Lounge, multiple meeting rooms, indoor racquetball and squash courts, weight room and quality locker rooms for both our male and female members.
We have had occasion to build and open, in sequence, three clubhouses over the years. All three have fronted on Farragut Square, a most appropriate location for a military club. Each was ceremoniously opened by a President of the United States. In 1891, Benjamin Harrison dedicated our first, William Howard Taft our second in 1912, and Ronald Reagan opened our current beautiful Italian Renaissance building in 1987 after a three year demolition/rebuild project. Our clubhouse is designated by the National Capital Region as a “Historic Landmark, Category III, Building of Local Significance."
A special benefit enjoyed by our membership is our vibrant reciprocal club program that allows our members access to well over 200 leading private clubs throughout the world. Letters of Introduction, issued by our Membership Department, are your ticket to first-class service when traveling to these clubs.
The most illustrious names in military and political history have, and continue to grace our membership rolls. We offer qualified individuals the opportunity to apply for resident (within 30 miles of the Club) or non-resident membership. The majority of our members are active, former and retired military officers, but we welcome, as associate members, individuals who share our values.
We are a financially strong Private City Club, led by an elected president and Board of Governors and very proud to be considered the finest military officers Club in our country.